NDP Must Come Clean on Future Carbon Tax Hikes

NDP Must Come Clean on Future Carbon Tax Hikes

CALGARY, AB: A recently revealed federal Department of Finance memo regarding the the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate states that “the overall approach is to be reviewed by 2022 (referred to as the ‘five-year review’) to confirm the path forward, including continued increases in stringency in future years…” (pg 3). ‘Stringency’ is clearly tied to price, and suggests further carbon tax increases are on the horizon for Albertans.

“The NDP implemented a $30 per tonne carbon tax, which the Premier has admitted to never campaigning on. Then Prime Minister Trudeau wanted a $50/tonne carbon tax, and the Premier agreed without even putting up a fight. Now we have clear evidence that the federal government wants further carbon tax increases well into the future,” said United Conservative Party House Leader Jason Nixon. “We know that the NDP has thus far been unwilling to stand up to their federal Liberal allies. With the NDP seeking re-election next year, they must come clean with Albertans on at what point they’d actually stand up and say ‘no’ to the Trudeau Liberals’ escalating demands.”

“Albertans are already feeling the stress of increased costs due to the carbon tax. While the NDP tries to dismiss these costs as insignificant, we continue to hear from families and job-creators every day who disagree. And now we have indications that the costs are going to get much, much heavier going forward,” said Nixon.

“Some might dismiss these future carbon tax hikes as too far off into the future to warrant debate, but we know that investors look at these figures when making long-term decisions. We have already seen tens of billions of dollars in investment flee Alberta in favour of jurisdictions without a carbon tax. If the NDP supports accelerating that trend, they should be clear with Albertans,” concluded United Conservative Energy Critic Prasad Panda.

A United Conservative Government would repeal the NDP’s carbon tax as its first legislative act, and fight tooth and nail against the imposition of carbon tax by Ottawa. A Jason Kenney-led Government would also seek to build coalitions at the provincial and territorial level to oppose the gross overreach of power by Ottawa. Indeed, a Kenney-led Government would reclaim Alberta’s traditional role in leading the opposition to overbearing Liberal federal governments.