NDP Must Come Clean on Costs of Carbon Tax Plan

NDP Must Come Clean on Costs of Carbon Tax Plan

EDMONTON, AB – February 22nd, the United Conservatives responded to Auditor General Merwan Saher’s report on the Climate Leadership Plan (CLP):

“The NDP lied about their carbon tax during the 2015 election, and today Alberta’s Auditor General highlighted that the NDP is still misleading Albertans on the true cost of their plan,” said United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney. “Every day we hear from Albertans who have been negatively affected by the NDP’s tax on virtually everything. Sadly, the NDP refuse to be transparent with Albertans on the impact of the largest tax hike in Alberta history. It’s clear that the NDP simply cannot be trusted.”

Highlights from the Auditor General’s report:

  • “Clear and complete information on the cost of the CLP is missing” (pg. 98)
  • “Future reports should more clearly and completely describe the actual and expected costs of the CLP and its initiatives and programs.” (pg. 96)
  • “The departments should coordinate regular and timely reporting on the CLP, including…expected and actual costs and benefits. The costs and benefits should include those to the Government of Alberta and to Albertans.” (pg. 98)
  • …does not clearly state the expected and actual cost of the overall CLP, and it does not state for each program the expected cost needed to achieve those reductions.” (pg. 101)
  • “It is difficult to get a full picture of the total costs and benefits.” (pg. 101)

“We have long pressed the NDP to provide a full and comprehensive economic impact analysis for the carbon tax,” said United Conservative Energy Critic Prasad Panda. “With Albertans heading to the polls in the spring of 2019, it’s critical that the NDP be clear on the costs of their plan. It’s especially important given that documents obtained from the federal Department of Finance indicate that the carbon tax will continue to increase beyond $50/tonne should the NDP be re-elected for a second term.”

previously leaked provincial memo revealed that the NDP’s plan could result in 15,000 lost jobs, a $4-billion drop in household income, and lower overall economic activity. The NDP attempted to disown the document, but notably did not provide information to the contrary.

“While it’s still early days for the Climate Leadership Plan, it’s critically important that the NDP come clean about the lack of oversight and planning highlighted today by the Auditor General,” said United Conservative MLA and Public Accounts Committee Chair Scott Cyr. “This NDP mismanagement could lead to even greater costs to Alberta taxpayers. We will be urging the Alberta Climate Change Office to appear before the Public Accounts Committee in the very near future to answer to the Auditor General’s findings.”