NDP Government Doubles Down on Unrealistic Path to Balance

Greg Clark with Karen McPherson, MLA, at Calgary Economic Development’s Report to the Community.

(Calgary) – Following the release of the 3rd quarter government financials today, Alberta Party Finance critic Greg Clark is left shaking his head at the government’s supposed path to balance.

“I’ve said it before, but the government is basically using the power of their imagination to make their path to balance. The update on that plan they provided today, an overtly political pamphlet tacked on to the actual Q3 numbers, confirms how unrealistic it is.”

“The entirety of their plan consists of holding expenses flat, an unlikely move for this government, and having resource revenue increase until the deficit is gone.”

“They’re using the uncertainty of the energy market to cover for a number they pulled out of thin air, a number that just happened to balance their budget for them.”

Clark added that while these updates are important, there is a disconnect between the government’s fiscal picture and the economic struggles of Alberta families.

“I think that part of the reason Albertans are so frustrated with this government is the contrast between what the government is saying and the reality they are living in.”

“Even if the government’s numbers were halfway realistic, that isn’t much help for the family that has lost work and is wondering what to do next.”

“People aren’t feeling the recovery, and honestly the people I talk to are worried that things could get rougher in the months ahead.”

“Sooner or later this government is going to have to address the structural deficit. Relying on the hope things will get better is not a plan, and it’s Albertans who will pay the price.”