NDP Government Continues to Let Down Ag Societies: UCP

EDMONTON, AB: The latest correspondence to Agricultural Societies shows the continued lack of respect the NDP government has for these crucial organizations, the United Conservative Party Official Opposition said.

The letter, from Agricultural Minister Oneil Carlier to an Agricultural Society, says that the NDP “greatly appreciate societies’ patience and we look forward to providing clarity in the very near future.” United Conservative Party Agriculture Critics Dave Schneider and Wayne Drysdale say that patience has long worn thin.

“Agricultural Societies are tired of platitudes and waiting on clarity for this crucial funding,” Schneider said. “We are almost into October and funding was expected months ago for programs that add to the rich fabric of our rural communities.”

Drysdale went on to say that Alberta’s communities deserve better than the treatment they have received from the NDP government.

“As we’ve said before, Ag Societies are responsible for many of the events and clubs that make a community tick, and all of that is in jeopardy the longer the NDP government waits to provide answers,” Drysdale said. “Albertans need answers now from the NDP government on 2017 funding, and assurances that this funding will continue into the future.”

The UCP caucus will continue to work hard to stand up for Alberta’s rural communities.