NDP Flip-flops, Accepts UCP Call for Lifetime Ban on Predator Doctors

EDMONTON, AB (November 8, 2018): After initially rejecting the UCP’s common sense amendments on Bill 21, An Act to Protect Patients, the NDP has taken an unprecedented move, reversed course, and accepted UCP advice on a lifetime ban for doctors who commit sexual abuse.

“The doctor-patient relationship is a sacred trust. It was unfathomable that the NDP’s proposed changes would allow a doctor who commits sexual abuse to return to practice after just five years,” said United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney. “I’m relieved that the NDP finally saw the light and accepted the UCP’s common sense advice.”

Last spring, the UCP first raised the case of a doctor convicted of sexual assault who was allowed to return to practice medicine.* The Official Opposition indicated its willingness to expeditiously pass legislative changes to address this injustice. Instead the NDP drafted, without opposition consultation, a bill that allowed for doctors convicted of these serious crimes to practice medicine in Alberta again after only 5 years.

“Individuals that prey on Albertans at their most vulnerable should not be allowed to ever practice medicine,” said UPC Deputy Leader Leela Aheer. “The NDP’s partisan stubbornness was indefensible, so I’m pleased the NDP eventually recognized the error of their ways.”

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