NDP has Dropped the Ball on Health Care in Alberta

NDP has Dropped the Ball on Health Care in Alberta

EDMONTON, AB: The United Conservatives are once again sounding the alarm to expose the NDP’s disastrous mismanagement of the Alberta health care system.

Since taking office in 2015, health care spending has skyrocketed with no measurable improvement in outcomes. In fact, Alberta Health Services data recently highlighted by the Official Opposition shows that key wait time indicators have actually gotten worse since the NDP took office, despite significant increases to health care spending.

“Alberta spends almost 20 per cent more per capita on healthcare than the national average yet, we have seen a steady deterioration in outcomes,“ said Opposition Leader Jason Nixon. “These are cold, hard facts that prove the NDP is in over its head when it comes to providing Albertans with high-quality, affordable healthcare. ”

Earlier this year, Alberta’s Auditor General issued a special report on the status of Alberta’s health care system where it was explicitly stated that “more money is not the solution.” This view has been reiterated by independent experts time and time again, but still the NDP refuses ditch its ideological approach to healthcare and put patients, rather than special interests, first.

“Under the NDP, wait lists have grown beyond control. Cataract surgery can take as long as 9 months, open heart surgery three months. .” said UCP Health Critic Tany Yao. “Common-sense Albertans understand that access to a waitlist isn’t the same as access to healthcare. When can’t the NDP?”