NDP Defeats Common-sense Red Tape Reduction Legislation

EDMONTON, AB: Monday, the NDP rejected yet another common-sense proposal to help reduce the regulatory burden on Alberta job-creators when it defeated UCP MLA Grant Hunter’s Bill 207, the Regulatory Burden Reduction Act.

The Bill proposed to eliminate one or more regulations for each new one created that adds administrative burden onto a particular sector of the economy. The goal of this legislation was to control the unnecessary costs placed on job-creators via government regulation.

“It is disappointing to see the NDP waste this opportunity to make a conscious effort to control the burden put on Alberta job-creators through regulation,” said Hunter. “Every year, this government receives an ‘F’ from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) on red tape reduction and we are the only jurisdiction in Canada that doesn’t have a red tape reduction strategy. Given the number of job-killing policies imposed by this NDP, it’s not surprising that they’d want to kill this piece of common-sense legislation.”

The CFIB estimates that red tape costs Alberta job-creators $1.4 billion annually – money that could be used to create jobs and invest back into the economy.

“This government routinely claims to support Alberta business, especially small- and medium-sized enterprises, yet when faced with a chance to take real action, the NDP proves once again that it is all talk and no action,” said Hunter. “The UCP will continue putting forward common-sense proposals like this one in an effort to help business do what it does best: create jobs and prosperity for all Albertans.”