NDP Continues to Dodge the Tough Questions

NDP Continues to Dodge the Tough Questions

The first week of the Legislative session is over, but the NDP still have a lot to answer for when it comes to the issues facing Albertans.

For example: just how high will the Trudeau-NDP carbon tax go? Jason Kenney asked the Premier this critical question 7 times this week, yet she refused to answer.

When will the recently announced funding for additional law enforcement officers actually produce boots on the ground in communities facing serious increases in crime? United Conservatives asked 5 times this week, and yet the date remains unknown.

Why is Alberta’s NDP government unwilling to stand up to the Trudeau Liberals’ violation of Alberta’s jurisdiction over natural resources? The question was asked 7 times, and still no answer.

On Wednesday, the Premier did admit that the NDP government is “not actually particularly interested in relitigating” the carbon tax. We understand why the NDP doesn’t want to talk about the carbon tax. After all, they hid it from voters during the 2015 election. Thankfully, Albertans will finally have a say in the next election.

The United Conservative Caucus will continue to hold the NDP government to account on behalf of all Albertans. Albertans can submit their ideas for questions they want asked at https://www.yourvoicealberta.com/