NDP Carbon Tax Hurts Alberta Farmers

EDMONTON, AB – UCP Agriculture Critic Rick Strankman issued the following statement:

“As Alberta farmers try to cope with another unusually challenging harvest, they are also dealing with the increased costs of drying their wet crops.

The NDP carbon tax has increased the cost of both natural gas and propane, fuel used to dry grain after a wet fall. In particular, the carbon tax on natural gas is in excess of 60 per cent at current market rates.

Together with my colleagues, I warned the NDP over and over again that this would be a consequence of their carbon tax scheme. Our concerns were ridiculed and dismissed. There is no ignoring the fact that NDP tax increases have made life more expensive for Alberta’s hard working farmers and ranchers.

Once again, the NDP continue to make life harder for everyday Albertans.”

Note: The October 3 market price of natural gas is $2.41/gigajoule. The current carbon tax is $1.517/gigajoule, meaning the carbon tax is equivalent to 63%.