NDP Carbon Tax Corporate Welfare to Ontario Ecofitt Bad News for Albertans

EDMONTON, AB: The Wildrose Official Opposition called on the government to justify hiring Ontario-based Ecofitt to receive and spend tens of millions of tax dollars to install light bulbs, power bars and low flow shower heads.

Ecofitt has its head office in Mississauga and did not register to do business in Alberta until Dec. 22, 2016, the same day the request for proposal (RFP) closed.

The RFP was tailor made to match a similar program launched by the Manitoba NDP in 2010.

“The NDP government is taking billions of dollars from Albertans to spend on pet projects for out of province companies and it’s Albertans who are losing out,” Wildrose Shadow Electricity & Renewables Minister Don MacIntyre said. “Albertans would rather have their money stay in their pockets instead of the government taking their money so they offer them ‘free’ installation of power bars and nightlights.”

Environment Minister Shannon Phillips’ new corporate welfare handout has allowed Ecofitt to expand their warehouse total by nearly one-third of its nation-wide total.

Wildrose Shadow Environment Minister Todd Loewen warned about the boondoggles that await under the NDP’s carbon tax-fueled corporate welfare spending.

“The carbon tax has just started and will get more and more expensive under the NDP government in the years to come,” Loewen said. “Albertans care deeply about the environment, but they don’t appreciate seeing billions of their tax dollars handed over to out of province companies to give them new shower heads.”