NDP Appointees Caught at Anti-Trans Mountain Blockade

EDMONTON, AB: On Saturday, March 17, radical activists violated a judicial injunction against blocking access to Kinder Morgan’s Burnaby site. United Conservative Leader Jason today issued the following statement:

“The continued obstruction by radical activists of the approved Trans Mountain expansion is deeply troubling. Activists are of course free to protest, but they cannot be allowed to unilaterally block a project that has been duly approved. While it is good to see police move in to enforce the law, another day of work was lost. This is especially worrying given the activists’ proclaimed strategy of delaying the project to death.”

“The Alberta NDP claimed that slapping Albertans with a carbon tax would lead to so-called ‘social license’ for a pipeline through B.C. Clearly this plan has failed. There’s perhaps no greater example than two of the NDP’s own appointees to the Alberta government’s Oil Sands Advisory Group, Tzeporah Berman and Karen Mahon, being present at and encouraging the illegal blockade.”

“When I asked the Premier about Miss Berman in Question Period, the Premier refused to denounce these law-breaking activities and admit that Berman’s appointment was a colossal error in judgment on the Government’s part. In addition, when pressed by media, NDP Environment Minister Shannon Phillips bizarrely stated, ‘He (Kenney) has more in common with Tzeporah Berman than I ever have.’ (audio here). This from the government that appointed Berman to such an important role!”

“At best, the NDP was deeply naïve in thinking it could win support from radical environmental activists such as Berman and Mahon, despite their well-established track record of opposing responsible resource development. At worst, the NDP knowingly allowed these individuals to influence government policy, and legitimized their radical opinions on Canada’s energy sector. The NDP owes all Albertans an explanation, but to date, the Premier and her government have refused to even admit that the appointment of these two individuals was a mistake.”

Radical environmental activists Tzeporah Berman and Karen Mahon at the Trans Mountain blockade in Burnaby, B.C. Berman and Mahon were appointed by the Alberta NDP to the Oil Sands Advisory Group, tasked with advising the government on the future of the oil sands.