NDP Ads: $1.1 Million Taxpayer Dollars and Counting

Calgary, AB – According to a troubling report in the Calgary Herald this afternoon, the NDP government has already spent $1.1 million on their taxpayer-funded partisan “Made in Alberta” ad campaign.

“If the NDP wants to campaign, the Premier should call the election instead of wasting tax dollars on ads that don’t even promote a program or service Albertans can apply for,” stated Leela Aheer, United Conservative Deputy Leader and re-election candidate for Chestermere-Strathmore.

The $1.53 million the NDP plans to spend on self-promotional political ads spread over a short period of time is substantive, especially considering that parties themselves are limited to just $2 million in total spending during the campaign.

Earlier this week, United Conservatives called on the NDP government to reveal how many taxpayer dollars the campaign was costing.

The NDP government’s most recent Budget put Alberta on track for an unprecedented $100 billion in debt by 2023. Today alone, Alberta taxpayers will pay $5 million in interest on the NDP’s reckless debt, instead of on needed programs and services.

Last week, United Conservative leader Jason Kenney announced the first platform commitment, a law to ban governments from using taxpayer-funded advertising in the run up to an election, and from using tax dollars for clearly partisan ads at any time.