Navigator’s Access to Premier’s Office Continues


EDMONTON, AB (March 23, 2015): Navigator continues to facilitate access to the offices of the Premier and his cabinet to lobby for water pipelines in Okotoks and sprinklers in senior facilities, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

New information from the Alberta Lobbyist Registry shows Navigator, listed as a numbered company, is being paid to lobby on behalf of the Town of Okotoks for a new water pipeline.

Wildrose Municipal Affairs Critic Pat Stier said it is wrong that municipalities feel they need to hire companies tied to the hip of Premier Jim Prentice to address important local priorities.

“It looks like being friends of the Premier continues to be a lucrative business in Alberta,” Stier said. “The Town of Okotoks shouldn’t have to hire a lobbyist to secure needed funding for a water pipeline. Raising these constituency issues is typically the role of the local MLA. These type of lobbying contracts show that it’s just more of the same in Alberta, placing connections above the needs of our communities.”

Principals at Navigator have reportedly been involved in the PC nomination campaign for Highwood and have been repeatedly shown to have a role of significance consulting the Premier.

The need for new sprinklers in seniors’ facilities has long been of importance, and once again Navigator was shown to be listed as a lobbyist on this important file.

Stier said it shouldn’t be a pre-requisite to have friends in the premier’s office to ensure our most vulnerable are taken care of.

“It’s clear that access to the Premier’s office is facilitated by the people at Navigator. In return, the Premier leans heavily on the people at Navigator for their advice in both party and government business,” Stier said.