National Police Week: Minister Schweitzer

National Police Week

Minister of Justice and Solicitor General Doug Schweitzer issued the following statement commemorating National Police Week:

“The recent tragedy in Nova Scotia, and too many before it, bear witness to the risks that police officers shoulder every day as they serve and protect their fellow citizens across Canada.

“Going to work knowing the risks takes a special kind of courage, and that courage makes every police officer a superhero who is wholly dedicated to the community’s safety. Officers carry out their duties with compassion and care for the people and communities they serve, and then take that caring into their personal time as coaches, mentors and volunteers.

“During this time, a police officer’s courage takes on a special dimension as they continue their work in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. I thank them for taking on additional enforcement duties that keep all of us safe from this new threat.

“This 50th National Police Week, I urge everyone – when you see a police officer at work – to give them a wave, a smile and a thumbs-up. Show that we appreciate all the work they do to keep us safe, protect us from violence and uphold justice.”