National Aboriginal Day: Premier Notley’s Statement

“Today marks the 20th anniversary of National Aboriginal Day, honouring the rich and diverse cultures and traditions of First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples across Alberta and Canada.

“The spirit and pride of Indigenous people shine brightly across the province. Our celebrations today foster stronger connections tomorrow.

“To the more than 220,000 Indigenous people who call Alberta home, thank you for welcoming all Albertans to join today’s festivities. Our future as a vibrant, strong and inclusive province will be guided and shaped together.

“I urge all Albertans to celebrate this bright day. Take time to discover the stories and traditions behind Metis dances, First Nations drumming circles and Inuit throat singing.

“By deepening our understanding of hundreds of generations of history on these lands, we build a brighter future based on greater appreciation, understanding and respect.

“In the spirit of respect and reconciliation I wish everyone a wonderful National Aboriginal Day!”