Napa Valley Vintners Continues to Support Local Community Following Sunday’s Earthquake

St. Helena, CA – The Napa Valley Vintners (NVV) nonprofit trade association is continuing its efforts to support and sustain both the local community and the Napa Valley wine industry following Sunday’s earthquake.

At Napa County’s request, the NVV is asking its members to provide information about the status of their winery operations this week along with a summary of any damage they may have incurred. The vast majority of wineries are reporting that they are open for business. For those who did suffer losses in the earthquake, accounts vary from “a few broken glasses in the tasting room” to structural damage to winery buildings, tank and equipment damage, substantial losses of barreled wine and bottle breakage ranging from a few to several thousand bottles. The NVV does not yet have financial estimates related to the losses.

Along with collecting the damage reports, and in the collaborative spirit for which the Napa Valley is known, NVV has also created a section on its website encouraging winery neighbors to help their neighbors, and is providing a list of outside resources where vintners can get answers to their most pressing questions. The primary needs are for temporary crush facilities; barrel storage; loans of winery equipment; and legal, accounting and insurance advice. NVV will offer an educational session on these business-related topics for wineries impacted by the earthquake later this week.

In spite of Sunday’s earthquake, the 2014 grape harvest continues in Napa Valley and even some of the most significantly affected wineries are getting back to work bringing in grapes from what is looking to be another excellent and abundant vintage. Neither the earthquake nor the recent drought are expected to have a major impact on the supply or the price of Napa Valley wine for the foreseeable future.

In addition to serving as a resource to its members, the NVV is also investigating ways it can help the greater Napa Valley community through monies raised at its annual Auction Napa Valley fundraiser. More information will be released about this effort in the coming days. Since inception in 1981, the NVV has distributed more than $120 million to the local community through Auction Napa Valley funding and the association maintains a reserve to address community emergencies like the earthquake.

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