Must-Have Tech for Back-to-School

It’s official — summer’s behind us and it’s time to get into the back to school groove. We can all get a little forgetful after vacation time, so thankfully there are plenty of great tech options that make adjusting to your new routine a little bit easier. Marc Saltzman, tech expert and columnist, shares his favourite tech for the busy back-to-school season:

1. Organized at the wheel: While Apple CarPlay gives you hands-free access to your apps, music, and contacts, why not use Siri to schedule key dates and meetings with the push of a steering wheel button? Set location-based reminders by place, not time. That way you won’t forget to take out the recycling when you get home since you’ll be reminded when you pull in.

2. Don’t forget your laptop: Forever leaving things on the back seat? Rear Seat Reminder, an exclusive feature on the new GMC Acadia model, is designed to remind drivers to check the back seat as they exit their vehicle under certain circumstances. Say goodbye to going back to your car to retrieve forgotten items.

3. Where’s my car again?: After a long back-to-school shopping spree, it’s easy to completely forget where you parked the car — it happens to the best of us. That’s where ParkIt comes in handy. This free smartphone app works with any vehicle, allowing you to set location reminders so that when you’re done shopping you can find your car easily.

4. Take 10 and de-stress: Finally, there are a range of mindfulness and relaxation apps out there that you can use — while stationary — to regain a little tranquility during a hectic day. Headspace’s “Take 10” feature is perfect for a few minutes of guided breathing post-work, leaving you ready to tackle traffic.