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CKUA celebrates its annual Fall Fundraiser Thursday Oct 23rd to Sunday Nov 2nd

CKUA radiosThe community radio environment is thriving in Alberta. CKUA leads the way with music, story and connection.

CKUA listeners and volunteers come from all over the province and some have amazing stories. Volunteer Brian talks about his encounter with Sam Baker & Allison Brock:

“My wife is a big Sam Baker fan. A number of years back Sam was playing the Saturday of the Calgary Folk Fest so we just got tickets for the Saturday. On the way down to Calgary on Friday around Carstairs my wife let out a loud expletive. We had forgotten the tickets. So back to Edmonton we go and instead of having a nice dinner in Calgary we stop for a burger in Red Deer and got back in late. We get up in the morning and were walking to the festival when we hear a familiar voice. CKUA host Allison Brock is walking beside us. I told her our little story and whined a little bit and she said ‘I’ve got Sam on my show this morning and you come down to our booth and I’ll introduce you.’ We spent 15 or 20 minutes with Sam after his interview and thanks to CKUA my wife got to meet him.”

Online and through 16 transmitters, CKUA brings music and original programming to the province with broadcasting legends like Holger Petersen and Terry David Mulligan. With more than 30 shows covering a cross-section of music CKUA is unchallenged on the radio in Alberta.

Launched at the U of A in 1927, CKUA was operated by Alberta Government Telephones (AGT) until 1974 when ACCESS assumed ownership and the construction of transmitters in Calgary and Lethbridge soon followed. CKUA was privatized in 1994, and since 1997 the station has been primarily listener supported with over 60% of operating revenue coming directly from donations.

2014 CKUA Fall Fundraiser runs Thursday Oct. 23rd to Sunday Nov. 2nd. Tune in to support CKUA!

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CKUA Across Alberta on 16 Transmitters