Mulcair Ignores Journalists after Thrashing Harper for Ignoring Journalists

Mulcair commits major gaffe on day one by refusing to take questions

Liberal Party of Canada

OTTAWA – Continuing his pattern of contradictions, Thomas Mulcair avoided all questions at his campaign launch after criticizing Harper for the exact same behaviour:

“Stephen Harper wants to be the Prime Minister of a G-8 country… and yet he wants to do it without talking to the public, without talking to journalists.”
(Thomas Mulcair, Huffington Post, October 3, 2013)

What questions is Mulcair trying to avoid?

Why does Thomas Mulcair want to rip up the Clarity Act, making it easier for separatists to break up Canada?

Why does Thomas Mulcair say different things in different parts of the country on the exact same topic?

“[Mulcair] tap-dances around NDP contradictions… The NDP leader weaved his way between competing positions that threaten to get him trouble in one part of the country or another… policies that are winners for them in Quebec, are toxic for them in the rest of the country.”
(National Post, July 20, 2015)

Why is Thomas Mulcair deliberately misleading Canadians by touting a “federal minimum wage” that will apply to less than one percent of the Canadian workforce?

Why does Thomas Mulcair say he’ll bring back fairness, but opposes Justin Trudeau’s plan to save middle class families up to $1,350 per year, by lowering the middle class tax bracket?

Why does Thomas Mulcair oppose Justin Trudeau’s plan to ask Canada’s top earners to pay a little more so families can pay a little less?

Thomas Mulcair tries to talk a good game but his plan doesn’t back him up. There’s nothing there.

Justin Trudeau is the only candidate for Prime Minister with a plan for real change to grow the economy, help the middle class, and bring back fairness.