How Much Is There To Learn About Parenting?

This is going to be a rough one for some parents to hear. I am in mood to challenge people though, so take it with a grain of salt.

How many times have you heard parents say “Children don’t come with a manual you know!”?  I think they even say that on t.v, on the radio, and for the last 70 years. It’s the most ridiculous excuse I have ever heard and I am going to call “bull ____!”

I say they do, it’s called the public library, and it’s full of manuals for just about everything. Libraries are full of the answer to every problem a human has ever had. People have already had every problem, many have solved it, and many have committed themselves to writing out those solutions so that other people can learn them too. Those things are called books.

People don’t think to learn about parenting though, they think they should just wing it for some reason. Everyone’s an expert already in raising children. Today I am going to speak to that.

This is a longer newsletter because I intend to be useful to you. A short explanation is a false explanation and I intend to deliver great value. Too many public speakers evoke some emotion in the audience to make themselves look good and then they are gone. That is not my gig, I am here to make a lasting difference for parents and school teachers and I succeed at that.

Today’s parenting, school teacher, and family services tip is a rampant misconception.  This one misconception holds a lot parents back from really being of service to their children, and generally results in a disastrous level of stress and chaos for the parent’s life.  Never mind how expensive making this mistake  can be.

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