MSI Investments Support Economic Growth

Through Budget 2015, government will continue to invest in municipal infrastructure projects that promote employment and support economic development.

“We want to ensure municipalities have the financial resources they need to support local priorities and build strong, safe and resilient communities. As in other areas of our budget, we have made strategic investments in infrastructure that support our economy now and into the future.”

~ Jim Prentice, Premier

“During recent budget consultations, predictable MSI funding and the ability to meet infrastructure commitments was a recurring concern among our municipal partners. This year’s MSI funding should help our partners continue with the projects that support our economy and local employment.”

~ Diana McQueen, Minister of Municipal Affairs

In 2015-16, nearly $880 million in Municipal Sustainability Initiative funding will go to municipal infrastructure projects across Alberta.

The additional MSI capital third-quarter supplemental funding ($398.9 million) announced on March 6, 2015, combined with $880 million identified in Budget 2015, provides nearly $1.3 billion to municipalities for their projects. The budget and supplemental investment ensures that municipalities have the funds they anticipated to carry out their infrastructure agendas.

MSI Budget 2015 Investments

  • City of Calgary 2015-16 MSI Capital allocation is more than $272.5 million
  • City of Edmonton 2015-16 MSI Capital allocation is more than $202 million
  • Other Alberta municipalities will receive a total of just over $404 million in 2015-16

Since it was first introduced in 2007, government has allocated $6.7 billion of its total $11.3 billion MSI commitment, and assisted with more than 4,800 projects.

Municipal Sustainability Initiative Funding – Funding Breakdown

MSI Program Umbrella Third-Quarter Supplement

(Mar 6, 2015)

2015-16 Budget Total
MSI Operating $30 million $30 million
MSI Capital $398.9 million $497.1 million $896 million
Sub-total $398.9 million $527.1 million $926 million
Basic Municipal Transportation Grants (BMTG) $352.5 million $352.5 million
Total $398.9 million $879.6 million $1.278 billion

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Funding for the Foothills

Black Diamond – $461,658

High River – $2,124,353

MD of Foothills – $4,047,530

Longview – $151,348

Okotoks – $4,397,196

Redwood Meadows – $257,269

Turner Valley – $436,413

(figures here represent Capital funding)