MRAS: Thank You for a Successful Season


Round bale - MRASA huge thank you goes out to all those enthusiastic volunteers that made the 2015 Priddis & Millarville Fair a success. It was with a heavy heart that I left the house on Saturday August 15th to head to the racetrack on a cold foggy rainy morning. I very soon found out that I had no need to worry as the old adage, “the show must go on” was in full swing when I arrived. Many smiling faces were working hard to solve the many issues that faced the day. While everything horse related needed was postponed, everything else was moving ahead. I walked by the Stampede Stage at one point and saw a large gathering of kids smiling, laughing, and encouraging the magician to show what was hidden in the magic box. When inside the arena, I heard the stories of the guys betting on which one of them had the largest potato. By the way, Beth beat those boys with a 1.2 kg potato. The Western, English, Gymkhana and horse costume events wererescheduled to the weekend of September 26 and 27.

As the event season draws to a close, it causes one to do a bit of reflection. Starting with the Christmas Market, I saw kids purchasing gifts in the Kids Only tent and then rush out to ask Mom or Dad if they wanted to open the gift right then and there. It was far more pleasant to golf in the sun rather than the snow that we had at last year’s golf tournament. At the Half Marathon we had a record number of runners, almost all of whom had huge smiles as they rounded the corner into the market. At the Millarville Races I saw numerous families gather for their traditional Canada day celebration. The highlight for me at the Rodeo was hearing about the little girl who persevered with an uncooperative horse all the while being cheered on by our announcer and the great rodeo fans. The summer wrapped up with the Fair where in spite of the weather, our guests were all smiles. For me there is a common denominator to all this and that is the tireless efforts of our great members and volunteers who work so hard at making MRAS a true destination for families. My hat is off to all of you that help make MRAS what it is.

We are disappointed to announce that Shawna Doucette has moved on from MRAS. This was Shawna’s second tour as the MRAS bookkeeper. Her attention to detail, her professionalism, and her ready smile will be missed. We wish Shawna all the best of luck in her future.

With only a couple of Board meetings left to the end of the 2015 term, the Board is focusing on year end. The MRAS received $47,000 for our volunteer effort at Century Casino in June. The Board plans to use 10% of the funds for administrative matters and 90% for capital improvements. Thanks to all the volunteers who came out and worked at the Casino. Our facility improvement list is long and this income helps tremendously.

Have a great September everyone. As always if you have questions or concerns regarding things at MRAS please feel free to give me a call or find me at the track.

Malcolm Sills, President

Millarville Racing & Ag Society