MP John Barlow on the Conservative Environment Plan, A Real Plan

FOOTHILLS – A Conservative vision to protect our environment is the most comprehensive plan in Canadian political history and is one in which I am extremely proud.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer unveiled the policy built on three principles: green technology, not taxes; a cleaner and greener natural environment; and taking the climate change fight global.

In Foothills, we live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, therefore, protecting our environment is important to us. However, Albertans do not support a job-killing carbon tax.

We do support Canada’s natural resource sector and understand the fight to reduce emissions should be a global issue not just a burden Canada carries alone.

I am proud to say the Conservative vision is lock-step with what Foothills constituents have asked for – an achievable, tangible policy to protect our environment without Liberal carbon taxes or economy crippling regulations.

I will highlight a few of the key elements I was pleased to see included in our Conservative vision.

Scrapping the carbon tax will be the first piece of legislation tabled by a Conservative government. A carbon tax makes life less affordable for Canadians, makes our industries uncompetitive and does not protect the environment.

Second, we will introduce the Green Homes Tax Credit to help pay for energy savings renovations to your home with a 20% refundable tax credit. Green improvements can include high quality insulation, high efficiency furnaces, windows and doors and installation of solar panels.

This was an element I wanted in our environment plan and I was extremely pleased to see it included.

Third, is to empower Canadian innovation and technology on a global scale. Canada must look beyond its borders. Emission reductions is a global problem of which global solutions are needed. 

Canada’s natural resources are developed under the most stringent environmental standards in the world. Therefore, exporting clean Canadian energy and technology can help reduce emissions around the world. 

For example, Canadian LNG can be used to displace coal-fired power plants in countries like India and China. To achieve this, we will ensure critical infrastructure like pipelines are built, we pledge to be energy self-sufficient by 2030 no longer importing foreign oil into Canada and we will launch the “Canadian Clean” brand for Canadian products and technology that is the cleanest is the world. 

We will also recognize the hard work of our farmers and ranchers for their environmental stewardship. Whether it is zero tillage or use of 4R nutrient stewardship (right source, right rate, right time, right place) farmers and ranchers are always innovating to protect the land, their livestock and their livelihood. We will work with our agriculture and agri-food sector to innovate and improve efficiency.

There are numerous important aspects of the policy including ending the dumping of raw sewage into our waterways, a green patent credit and innovation fund, strategy for invasive species and respecting hunters and anglers.

Conservatives are providing Canadians, including Foothills families, with a real policy to ensure a greener and cleaner environment for future generations.

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