MP Barlow submits questions to Government about High River Gun Seizures

November 18, 2014 – Ottawa, Ontario

John Barlow, M.P. for Macleod, has formally submitted two questions through the Order Paper to the Government regarding the High River Gun Seizures that occurred during the summer floods of 2013.

If a question intended to obtain information from a Government Department involves a lengthy, detailed or technical response, a written question must be placed on the Order Paper. The Government has the obligation to answer the Member’s questions within a 45 day time period.

“I am disappointed the review by the Public Complaints Commission into the actions of the RCMP in High River has been delayed again,” said Macleod MP John Barlow. “Submitting these questions through the Order Paper allows our government to continue to ask important questions into this incident while we await the results of the review.”

MP Barlow’s questions specifically request explanations for the seizure of firearms by the RCMP in and around the Town of High River, Alberta between June 20, 2013 and July 12, 2013.

Mr. Barlow has requested information regarding who authorized such directives, how many firearms were seized, and what information was recorded during the seizure. Additionally, Mr. Barlow has inquired into the involvement of the Canadian Armed Forces, in conjunction with the RCMP, during the operations conducted in High River, Alberta.

For full details and to read MP Barlow’s questions on the Order Paper submitted to the Government, please see Q-791 and Q-792 at the following link: .