Moving Forward with Trade: NDP and Liberal Missteps Still Salvageable for Canada

EDMONTON, AB: Alberta’s United Conservatives are calling on the NDP government to encourage their friends and allies, the Trudeau Liberals, to start taking international trade negotiations seriously.

The Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CP-TTP) were negotiated years ago by the former federal conservative government with huge benefits to Canada’s exporting industries and workers, yet after three years in office, Trudeau still refuses to sign off on these deals.

“CETA and CP-TPP are two important trade agreements that need to be signed-off by the federal government,” said Devin Dreeshen, United Conservative Trade Critic and MLA for Innisfail – Sylvan Lake. “The walk-off homerun for a Team Canada win already happened, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just needs to sign the ball.”

On a recent mission promoting Alberta’s trade interests and relations, Dreeshen travelled to Washington D.C. to meet with U.S. officials in the departments of Energy, Commerce, and State. With a provincial election looming early next year, greater Alberta-U.S. relations will be critical to our province’s economic growth. Dreeshen plans to use his experience to improve Alberta’s relations and trade competitiveness in his role as Trade Critic.

“The Trudeau government is fumbling through international relations while the U.S. and Mexico advance on NAFTA. Western Canadian farmers and export industries are dependent on trade and we need the NDP to call in some favours with the Trudeau Liberals to make sure our interests are promoted,” said Dreeshen.

Dreeshen has represented Canada on numerous international trade missions in the past. He helped to promote free trade, opened market access, and reduced trade barriers for Canada in Hong Kong, Beijing, Moscow, Istanbul, and the U.S. during his time with the Harper Government.