Mounted Riders Back in the Saddle

Strathcona County, Alberta – The Strathcona County RCMP and Strathcona County Enforcement Services are gearing up to hit the streets on horseback again for 2018. Mounted Riders will be out at community events, parades, festivals and roaming the streets of Strathcona County as part of a community interaction initiative.

During March 20-21, 2018 officers completed a two day riding assessment at the Vegreville Ag Society to ensure that their riding ability meets the standards set by the program. Officers in the program volunteer/request to participate in the program with support from their detachment.  As part of the program, community organizations can make a request to their local detachments to have Mounted Riders at their events.

The horses used are independently owned and also complete an assessment to ensure they are suitable for the work being done prior to use.  The horses primarily used in Strathcona County are the breed, Canadian, which is Canada’s National Horse.

In the upcoming months the Mounted Riders will be attending numerous elementary schools and senior residents throughout Strathcona County.

To request the Mounted Riders at a local event please contact Strathcona County RCMP Community Policing Unit at 780-449-0185.