More Than a Breath Mint!


Calgary – Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is practical and realistic training, which strengthens community safety and preparedness, through increased civic participation. Community residents who become CERT certified are equipped and ready to react not only with heart but with their head. Having basic emergency knowledge and practical training provides a safer response for both victim and volunteer.

CERTs  - CalgaryBridges of Love’s 4th CERT Summit took place at Ambrose University April 11, 2015. Participants were introduced to CERT Medical Disaster Operations, Food Safety, Psychology of Trauma, and Personal Preparedness. A professional is each field shared their expertise and experience making sessions informative, interesting and fun. Lots of discussion kept the audience attentive and engaged.

Marg Pollon, facilitator for CERT training looks to the future with enthusiasm. The Calgary Foundation continued funding confirms CERT, as a highly effective training tool. Calgarians have a golden opportunity to be on the ‘leading edge’ of community resilience.

Bridges of Love’s CERT CANada Summit 5 – June 12/13, Ambrose University

NEIGHBOURS HELPING NEIGHBOURS~ CERTs Can save lives and protect property.