More Reasons to Improve Efficiencies and Environmental Sustainability on the Farm

New AutoRate™ Service Provides a Streamlined Approach to Managing Crop Inputs, Carbon Credits and Farm Records.

Calgary, AB – Decisive Farming™, provider of a data management platform with integrated services for crop farmers, today announced a new approach to improving the efficiency of fertilizer and seed applications. AutoRate™, a new product by Decisive Farming, simplifies the process of adjusting fertilizer and seed rates in lower producing areas of the field, resulting in considerable savings for a minimal annual cost.

Over the years, GPS autosteer and automatic spray control have been widely adopted, allowing farmers to guide equipment and product applications more efficiently. But when it comes to fertilizer and seeding, rates are either left constant across the whole field or manually adjusted by the equipment operator. The problem is that the farmer knows they are over-applying inputs in areas of the field that fail to produce, resulting in both environmental and economic inefficiencies. When the rates are manually adjusted, often the equipment operator forgets to reset the rate or simply does not know the areas of the field well enough to accurately make the adjustments.

“That’s why we developed AutoRate,” explains Remi Schmaltz, CEO of Decisive Farming. “Our growers want to ensure that lower producing areas are handled correctly without having to worry about manual adjustments. Now we’re able to help them achieve that for less than $2/acre – a fraction of the cost of competitors’ VRT services.”

In addition to improving efficiencies in the field, AutoRate™ is also saving time and money in the office. One example is a partnership with Carbon Credit Solutions, where growers can sell their carbon credits as part of the service to reduce the cost of AutoRate even further. Using Decisive Farming’s award-winning My Farm Manager ™ data management platform, carbon credit applications are simplified for both the grower and offsets aggregator.

Streamlining the carbon credits application process is a big step forward for Alberta Farms. But as the overall size and complexity of all farm operations around the world grows, it will be more important than ever to have accurate field records, easily accessible from year-to-year. According to Remi Schmaltz, “having all your farm information in one easy-to-access place is key to making better decisions, for both farmers and service providers. For Decisive Farming, it’s helping us deliver a better product and work with first-rate farms and farm service providers who want to do the same.”

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