More Job Losses Under NDP Government

Edmonton, AB: With 184,000 Albertans unemployed and the unemployment rate moving up to 7.3 per cent, it’s clear that NDP policies are making a bad situation worse.

“While an out-of-touch NDP continues to tell Albertans how good they have it, we know that that many Albertans are still struggling to make ends meet,” said Richard Gotfried, United Conservative Economic Development and Jobs critic and MLA for Calgary – Fish Creek.

According to monthly job numbers from Statistics Canada this morning, last month:

  • 2,700 more jobs were lost and over 184,000 Albertans are out of work.
  • The unemployment rate has moved up to 7.3 per cent, the highest outside of Atlantic Canada. This is an 18 per cent increase in the unemployment rate, up from 6.2 per cent in May. 
  • Youth unemployment is up to 12.9 per cent, the highest outside of Atlantic Canada.

“It’s more clear than ever, with 184,000 Albertans out of work, that this government needs to take decisive action for job growth, instead of job killing tax hikes like their planned 67 per cent increase to the carbon tax,” said Drew Barnes, United Conservative Party Critic for Finance, and MLA for Cypress – Medicine Hat. “With this consistent track record of high unemployment and job loss under the NDP, Albertans need a government that will renew the Alberta Advantage and reignite our economy.”