Montrose Bridge set to reopen on Tuesday, Oct. 28

HIGH RIVER, AB: Montrose Bridge is set to reopen in the early evening of October 28, restoring an important access point for the Montrose neighbourhood for the first time since the 2013 flood.

The reconstruction of the bridge was a $2.4 million project funded by the Disaster Relief Program as result of the damage from the 2013 flood event.

Over the coming weeks a number of finishing details will required localized partial lane closures on the bridge.

Pedestrians are also asked to be mindful that the east sidewalk is closed at this time. Please follow signage and flagger directions when using the bridge and sidewalks.

Residents will notice that the road is not flush with the gutter. Some areas have been purposely left low in order to fit a finishing layer of asphalt in 2016. The final layer will smooth-out any minor dips or humps that may develop as the road settles after construction.

Landscaping work around the bridge will be finished in the spring of 2015.

Thank you to Sheppard Family Park and area residents for their cooperation during construction.

Montrose Bridge Facts:

Montrose Bridge construction from the beginning to bridge opening took 92 days.

The bridge span is 14 metres and it sits three metres above the Little Bow River.

Materials used in construction:

•  12 precast concrete girders 14.3 metres long weighing 16,650 kg each

•   Each support has approximately 2,700 kg of reinforcing steel

•   The bridge structure required 180 m3 of concrete. This weighs the equivalent of 194 pickup trucks, or 62 African elephants!

The original Montrose culvert bridge was constructed in late 2007.