Montana Sage-Grouse will Migrate North this Spring

Montana Sage-Grouse will Migrate North this Spring


Greater Sage Grouse - femaleThe State of Montana will work with Alberta in translocating up to 40 sage-grouse this year to help stimulate population growth.

The Alberta government applied to the State of Montana to translocate up to 40 sage-grouse hens to Alberta in early April. It is the first of three such possible transfers proposed over the next five years to help the province’s sage-grouse population recover.

“Alberta’s species-at-risk require special attention to protect, maintain and recover their populations. We would like to thank Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks for the opportunity they are presenting us and our sage-grouse population through this agreement.”

Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks

Translocation is just one of the actions Alberta is taking to help increase the odds of sage-grouse recovery. Other actions include:

  • a partnership with the Calgary Zoo and the federal government on a captive breeding program;
  • relocating power lines away from sage-grouse habitat;
  • removing abandoned buildings in sage-grouse habitat that can encourage predator habitation;
  • targeted predator removal from nesting and brood rearing habitat;
  • working with the Alberta Conservation Association, Pheasants Forever, Alberta Fish and Game Association and other partners to restore native habitat, and fence marking and removal; and
  • ongoing stewardship work with the Multiple Species at Risk group (MULTISAR) and local ranchers.