Modernizing Glenbow for Future Generations

Modernizing Glenbow for Future Generations

The Glenbow’s new mandate of becoming a world-class public art museum is one step closer with an investment of up to $40 million in provincial infrastructure funding.

Premier Jason Kenney announces a major upgrade and modernization for the Glenbow Museum. Pictured (L-R): Infrastructure Minister Prasad Panda, Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women Minister Leela Sharon Aheer, Premier Jason Kenney, MLA for Calgary-South East Matt Jones, president & CEO of Glenbow Museum Nicholas Bell

The Glenbow has been downtown Calgary’s premier art and history museum for more than 50 years. Provincial funding will make possible the Glenbow’s revitalization project, transforming and modernizing the building for current and future generations of Albertans.

“Ours is a proud history that should be preserved and celebrated. For half a century, the Glenbow has been at the forefront of these efforts, showcasing our rich history for visitors from here at home and around the world.

“The Glenbow is a jewel in Alberta’s cultural crown, but for some time this 45-year-old building has been falling into disrepair. This revitalization project is necessary to preserve the Glenbow, and give it new life as a world-class art gallery.

“This investment will finally allow the Glenbow’s enormously valuable, provincially owned collection to be put on public display, allowing Calgary to join every other major Canadian city in having a first-rate public art gallery. The revitalization of the Glenbow will play a role in our government’s renewed tourism strategy and will enhance Calgary’s quality of life.

“Finally, this investment by taxpayers is part of our government’s commitment to grow the economy and create jobs by maintaining record investments in infrastructure, even during a time of fiscal restraint.”Jason Kenney, Premier

“Our government is committed to investing in cultural infrastructure that enriches the lives of Albertans. The new vision of the Glenbow will create a space that honours our rich heritage and inspires future generations of artists. This project will ensure that we are protecting our heritage and the artistic works that Albertans call their own. Our investment ensures that we are connecting Albertans to their heritage and with this funding we are keeping our history alive and accessible for Albertans to enjoy now and in the future.”Leela Sharon Aheer, Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women

“This investment in the Glenbow demonstrates our government’s commitment to preserving Alberta’s heritage. The project will create approximately 650 jobs and result in modernizing infrastructure that helps attract industry to Alberta.”Prasad Panda, Minister of Infrastructure

Project plans include new meeting spaces available for rent, a restaurant, enhanced retail experiences and a flexible-use theatre. These additions will provide additional revenue opportunities for the Glenbow and ensure its long-term sustainability.

“Glenbow has called downtown Calgary home for more than 40 years. We are ecstatic that this support from the people of Alberta and Canada gives us an opportunity to reimagine our place in the heart of Calgary’s cultural district. We have ambitious plans to revitalize Glenbow to better serve the diverse needs of all Albertans.”Nicholas R. Bell, president and CEO, Glenbow

Quick facts

  • Glenbow is one of Alberta’s premier cultural institutions. Historically, Glenbow combined a museum, art gallery, library, and archives under one roof.
  • Glenbow is currently reframing its mandate to focus primarily on its role as an art museum.
  • The Glenbow’s building and the majority of its collections are owned by the Government of Alberta.
  • Alberta Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women provides annual funding to Glenbow to care for and display government-owned assets in its collections. 

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