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MLA Pat Stier’s Decision, MLA Wildrose Party

MLA Pat Stier’s Decision

2014 Pat Stier photoPlease be advised that, based upon information provided on the weekend, and then again at a special Wildrose Caucus meeting held here earlier today in Edmonton, I shall NOT be joining several of my colleagues who have decided to suddenly join the Progressive Conservative Caucus.

Instead, I intend to remain in the seat that the electorate placed me, as a Wildrose MLA.

Albertans follow a recognized and fair democratic process for elections in good faith and they expect their elected officials to follow that decision.

When a time for change becomes necessary for elected officials, in my opinion they should then follow a procedure that includes their electorate in the new process, prior to making such a change.

Unfortunately, the procedure that has been pursued by some of my Wildrose Caucus members would appear not to have provided the electorate such an opportunity, therefore I cannot support it.

Despite the above circumstances, I wish all of my colleagues every success in their new venture as I know their solid intentions are for a better government in Alberta.

Livingstone-Macleod Constituency

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  • Eileen Brownell , December 17, 2014 @ 8:49 am

    Thanks for the info Pat and I will be voting for you again next time. I do feel disappointment in the members that crossed, especially Danielle. However they have made their choices and the next election will decide if they made the right one.\
    Merry Christmas to you and your family and health in the New Year.
    Eileen Brownell

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