Miywasin Friendship Centre Goes Green

The Government of Alberta has partnered with Miywasin Friendship Centre to install a solar voltaic panel system on the Medicine Hat facility.

L to R: M. Jeannette Hansen, executive director, Miywasin Friendship Centre, Minister Richard Feehan and Robert E. Wanner, MLA.

The project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, make energy bills more affordable and support local jobs.

With support from Alberta’s Indigenous Solar Program, Miywasin Friendship Centre will install solar panels, reducing their utility costs by nearly $5,000 per year and creating low-carbon energy.

Funds saved from reduced utility costs will allow the centre to reinvest in other priorities. The solar panels are expected to generate 36,400 kilowatt hours of energy per year and will also prevent about 583 tonnes of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere.

“The Alberta Indigenous Solar Program is making life better and more affordable for Indigenous people, communities and organizations. Our government is proud to support this project and, through our seven Indigenous Climate Leadership grant streams, some 125 projects by 66 organizations last year.”

~Richard Feehan, Minister of Indigenous Relations

“The Alberta Indigenous Solar Program will assist in reducing our centre’s overhead costs and help us keep our rents affordable for our clients at risk of homelessness and those in need of affordable housing. Miywasin Friendship Centre greatly appreciates the government taking this initiative, which will be of great benefit to our Indigenous community, as the money saved will go directly into programming and services.”

~M. Jeannette Hansen, executive director, Miywasin Friendship Centre

Miywasin Friendship Centre is an Aboriginal service delivery centre serving Medicine Hat and area with a vision to celebrate Aboriginal cultures, gather together and share, respect diversity and build for the future.

The $99,576 grant is part of $35 million in funding available from the carbon levy in 2017-18 for Indigenous climate leadership programs that help Indigenous communities tackle climate change. These initiatives support the Alberta government’s commitment to implement the principles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples