Missing In Action: Alberta NDP Silent While Other Provinces Stand up for Energy Jobs

Calgary, AB – Alberta’s United Conservatives are calling on the NDP government to join other provinces in standing up against the Trudeau Liberal government’s Bill C-69, troubling legislation that will hurt oil and gas jobs and the families that depend on them.

At the recent 2018 Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference, Ministers from other provinces – not Alberta – spoke out against the problematic legislation, noting that it “effectively hinders natural resource related economic development within the country” and could “erode Canada’s economic competitiveness.”

“This Liberal legislation will have deeply damaging consequences for energy investment and job creation in Alberta and must be opposed,” said Prasad Panda, United Conservative Energy Critic and MLA for Calgary-Foothills. “It is deeply disappointing that the NDP government had an opportunity to stand up for Alberta’s energy jobs but chose to remain silent.”

According to the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association, “If the goal is to curtail oil and gas production and to have no more pipelines built, this legislation has hit the mark.”

Earlier this year, MLA Panda made a federal Parliamentary committee submission, outlining numerous concerns with the Liberal government’s Bill C-69 – Alberta’s NDP government failed to make any such submission.

“It’s disappointing that, once again, Alberta’s NDP has chosen to stand with their Trudeau Liberal allies instead of families that depend on our energy industry,” MLA Panda said.