If You Missed This One….There Will Be Another!!!

[break][break][break][break][break][break][break][break][break]TV Golf and Valley LiquorThe 1st Annual A Taste of Diamond Valley was very well attended and should bring a welcome addition to the Oilfields Food Bank.

Since the annual Christmas Concert is no longer being held the Food Bank has been struggling to find other ways to help fill their shelves at this time of year.

Sarah Harrold, from Valley Liquor in Turner Valley, decided that a venue to help local small businesses and the Food Bank at the same time might be an answer and she threw herself into organizing it. She teamed up with the Turner Valley Golf Course to provide the venue and the Gateway Gazette to get the advertising word out there.

It was heartwarming to see that almost a hundred people bought tickets and came out in the snow, no less, to support this venture. It was a great way for local businesses and their suppliers to network and talk to customers without the rush of a business atmosphere.

Samples of food, wine, beer, herbal teas and liquor blended with good conversation to keep the rooms vibrant with laughter.

George, from Black Diamond Bakery, serving his delicious sausage rolls, Danish Pastries and Ginger Snaps summed the essence of the gathering up very well, “It is really nice for me to actually get my face out here and talk to my customers for a change.”

I for one also came away with the actual names of a few wines that I liked and now will be able to order by a name rather than ‘white’ or ‘red’ wine please!

A very new business to Turner Valley, My Wash Barn, had a video playing of before and after pictures and the transformation this couple have made to the car wash is remarkable. They have also added bottle water refills to their barn. Glass wipes and coupons for the guest were well received too. Thanks!

The new Eau Claire Distillery was on hand and I saw quite a little line up of people waiting to sample their special gin and whiskey.

Black Diamond’s Kloibers meats served meatballs and cheese cubes.

The Tea Shoppe Cafe, from Black Diamond, enticed the minglers with two samples of their teas and biscotti.

Delightful background music filled the room by Melissa Martens – well done!

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It was a really nice touch to see that about nine of the liquor, wine and beer suppliers took Sarah up on her offer to come out and meet area residents and explain the differences in their drinks.

Over all the evening was a huge success and the next event will be even bigger and better!

Well done, Sarah (aka Valley Liquor) and the Turner Valley Golf Course for their contribution to supporting local businesses!

See you all next time!