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Minister Phillips statement on new Federal Review Process


January 27, 2016

Environment and Parks Minister Shannon Phillips issued the following statement, after the federal government announced new interim principles that will guide the review processes of Canadian energy infrastructure projects:

“As you all know, energy infrastructure and getting our product to tidewater is a very important priority for this government. Alberta’s ability to access energy markets is crucial, not only for our province’s energy industry but for the economic future of Canada.

“We have made very little progress in that direction under the former federal government’s rules. If these new rules will allow the issues to be heard and then to get to a decision, then they will have helped the process.

“We are pleased to hear that no existing projects will have to go back to square one of their review process. A regulatory reset would have added years to this work.

“Alberta released a robust Climate Leadership Plan in November, which places Alberta among the world’s environmental leaders, while supporting the energy economy that employs hundreds of thousands of Canadians and contributes billions of dollars to our national economy.

“We expect this plan to become part of the assessment that is done through the review process and we believe that we have a good story to tell, one that can help get approval for pipelines to tidewater.”

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