Minister of the Crown Disgraces Government…Again

January 18, 2019 (Edmonton, AB): Notley NDP Environment Minister Shannon Phillips has once again disgraced the Government. Yesterday at the Southern Alberta Council of Public Affairs, Minister Phillips engaged in an over-the-top diatribe that is unbecoming of a Minister of the Crown.

In attacking the UCP, the Minister accused our candidates of being “racists” and our campaign volunteers of being “white supremacists.”

“And that has resulted in an (UCP) offer to Albertans that goes something like this…white supremacists make great campaigners, and racists make good candidates.” (Shannon Phillips, Lethbridge, Jan. 17, 2019)

“Minister Phillips’ comment is shameful and shows how desperate she and her party is,” United Conservative candidate Kaycee Madu (Edmonton-South West) said. “Since coming to Alberta from Nigeria, I have dedicated my time and abilities as a lawyer providing legal assistance to other newcomers to Canada. I am running for the United Conservatives because I am proud of our open, welcoming, and diverse party, where people are judged not by the colour of their skin, religion or ethnicity, but on how hard they work.”

“Yet the Minister has painted a party of over 150,000 members which has consistently polled over 50% as racist and white supremacists. This is beyond the pale.”

Last week, the Minister was caught lying about the RCMP for her own political ends – twice. This latest disgraceful conduct from Minister Phillips only further highlights why the Minister is unfit to serve as a Minister of the Crown.


The Minister’s speech can be viewed here (LINK), with the relevant section beginning at 19:30.

Extended transcription from Phillips’ speech:

“What was the UCP, what was Jason Kenney and his team up to? They were focused on themselves. They were focused on internal bickering. They were focused on allegations of fraud and ballot stuffing in their nomination process. They were showing Albertans the worst elements of PC entitlement that everyone got sick of, and showed them the door because of. And then they put that together with the worst extremist elements of the Wildrose.

“And that has resulted in an offer to Albertans that goes something like this: tax cuts for millionaires and healthcare cuts for the rest of us; minimum wage increases for working moms are a bad thing; debates on women’s choice aren’t even worthwhile to show up to work for; rural crime is bad, but spending money on RMCP to fight rural crime, they voted against that; white supremacists make great campaigners, and racists make good candidates; LGBT people don’t matter, and certainly not the kids who want to support each other and end bullying.

“Ontario, according to Jason Kenney, is the heart of Canada’s economy, and we should finish Doug Ford’s census. $25 a day childcare is a waste of money. Drug addiction is the police’sfault, because they don’t work hard enough. That’s what Jason Kenney said about our chief of police. And it’s A-okay to make backroom deals with used car salesmen in exchange for bags of cash. That is their Alberta. That may have sounded a little harsh, but it’s true. It’s what they’ve done, it’s what they’ve said. None of it was personal. What I see every day is. They attack me personally, constantly. They run ads online, they stoke fear, they misrepresent what I say, they twist my words.

“This election will be the most personal and unkind in a long time, and I think that you can expect to see a lot of that focused on Maria and I here in Lethbridge. But I’m fine with it. They can go ahead, because this election is not about me. It’s not about Maria. It’s not about anyone but you, and that’s why Rachel Notley’s slogan is “Fighting for you.” I will spend my time on your doorstep, hearing from you, listening to you, speaking with you, because you matter, and you are the Alberta that we are all fighting for.”