Minister of Human Services responds to OCYA Report

Minister of Human Services Irfan Sabir issued the following statement in response to the Child and Youth Advocate’s Investigative Review:

“The Child and Youth Advocate released a report on the death of “Lily,” a child receiving intervention services. We thank the Advocate for his thoughtful investigation and accept the report’s recommendations.

“We are carefully reviewing the recommendations against current policy and practice as we work to improve our child intervention system. We will also be meeting with the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate (OCYA) to support the ministry’s understanding of the recommendations and the OCYA’s expected outcome. The Child and Youth Advocate is a valued and respected adviser in our shared goal of protecting Alberta’s children.

“The death of any child is a tragedy. This heartbreaking story underscores the need to continuously work to prevent similar incidents. By strengthening how we work with children, families and our service delivery partners—including Indigenous partners—we can improve the system as a whole. We still have work to do, and our government is committed to taking action to implement needed improvements.”