Minister of Education Leads Discussion on Provincial Achievement Test results

Education Minister David Eggen met with education partners to discuss trends in student exam results.

Minister Eggen met with leaders from the Alberta Teachers Association, Alberta School Boards Association, College of Alberta School Superintendents and Alberta School Councils’ Association to discuss ways to work together to communicate PAT results to parents, and co-ordinate efforts to improve student learning.

“Education in Alberta is a collaborative effort between parents, teachers, school boards and administrators. During today’s discussion, we shared ideas and plans for ensuring that high-quality education is provided for all students in the province.”

~ David Eggen, Minister of Education

One area discussed was performance in mathematics at the elementary level, which the Minister has identified as an important focus. Alberta Education allocated $1 million in additional funding to support elementary teachers with math, and supported clarifications to the math curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 9.

“Superintendents and other system leaders are supporting principals and teachers to ensure continuous improvement of practices in the classrooms. We will continue working with the Ministry to refine math education. Today’s meeting was a good step to identifying ways we can move forward together.”

~ John Waterhouse, President, College of Alberta School Superintendents

Alberta Education will continue to refine and enhance supports to education, as well as closely monitor student performance in all subjects. A continued dialogue is expected over the coming months as work to support student learning continues.