Millarville-Stockland 4-H Beef Club

Millarville-Stockland 4-H Beef Club

Club Reporter – Blade Bell

The Millarville-Stockland 4-H Club started their new year on October 9 meeting at the
Millarville Racetrack. The club has 24 Members and 3 Cleaver members. The new club
President for 2019/2020 Club year is Harry Rawn. There are lots of returning
members and new members. There will be 14 steer projects, 5 market lamb projects as
well as many female projects for both cattle and sheep.

On November 3 the beef project members met to weigh-in their steer projects and
some of their heifer projects. This provides the beef members with their starting weight
for the year so they can track their animals’ growth.

On November 8 some of the Millarville Stockland members went to Priddis Hall to
help set up, clear tables and serve pie for the Priddis Fall Supper. It was a very well
attended community event and the members of the club had a great time helping out.
On November 16 some of the members of the Millarville Stockland club attended the
District Multi Judging workshop at the Millarville Racetrack. All of the members learned
the judging format used throughout 4-H and got to practice their skills judging halter
horses, market steers, breeding ewes and pancake spatulas, to name a few. I look
forward to many more multi judging workshops and competitions throughout the year!