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Millarville-Stockland 4-H Beef Club Kept Busy Over Winter

Club Reporter – Blade Bell

The Millarville Stockland 4-H Club has been very busy so far this year. We had a Christmas party
back in December and celebrated with a lock room trailer and a Secret Santa gift exchange. In
the lock room, we played boys versus girls to see which team could get out the fastest! The girls
beat us by a long shot however everyone had a great time!

We had a busy 4-H weekend January 25 and 26. On Saturday January 25, some of our members
attended the Regional Curling day in High River. I had never curled before so I was excited to
learn a new sport. I got to meet lots of other members from around the region and attended a
public speaking workshop when I wasn’t on the ice. It was a lot of fun and I got some great tips
for writing my speech. I look forward to curling again next year!

On Sunday January 26 at the Millarville Race Track some of the sheep members and all of the
beef members got together for a showmanship workshop. The beef kids got to lead their steers
and the sheep kids who attended got to try their hand at leading the big beef animals. I got a
chance to lead a really nice heifer named Gabriella and got an introduction to using a show stick,
something I don’t use in the sheep project. The beef members will continue to meet with their
projects to work on their showmanship skills and I am excited to start working with my lambs!

The Millarville club level public speaking was held on February 2 at the Millarville Race Track
Hall. It was a very full morning of speeches and all of the members had great topics and
wonderful delivery. This was only my second time giving a speech and I was just as nervous this
year! However, I got to speak in a “speak off” for the alternate for the juniors in my club! The
winners were: Junior: Maddie Watkins, Tessa Ackermann, alternate Tori Ackermann
Intermediate: Jessie Blatz, Justin Watkins, alternate Tanner Watkins and Senior: Clara Blatz,
Sage Runge we only had two seniors speaking.

At the end of February I picked out my new ewe lamb and market lamb. There were a lot of lambs
in the pen to choose from but I picked out 2 great lambs that I am excited to work with. My market
lamb’s name is Donald and my ewe lamb is Bo. I can’t wait to show them both at Achievement
Day and see all the other sheep projects in my club.

Our year has been great so far and I am looking forward to spending more time with my new
lambs, learning more showmanship and grooming skills and spending more time with my fellow

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