Millarville Stockland 4-H Beef Club 4-H on Parade

The Millarville-Stockland 4-H Beef Club had a fantastic year! We finished the year off by going to the Stampede barns in Calgary for a great weekend of showing and selling. 4-H on Parade went from Thursday May 29 to Sunday June 1st. We set up on Thursday, showed cows and heifers on Friday, showed steers and sheep on Saturday and sold our steers and sheep on the Sunday. During the busy weekend, some members participated in the team grooming, tug-of-war competition and we even had some members interviewed for TV news.

We had a strong and successful sale with only a few tears but a lot of smiles, thanks to the great prices we got for our good quality projects we produced. Our average selling price for our steers was $3.53 per pound.

We finished our season off with our year end banquet and awards at the Millarville Race Track Hall. It was a lovely evening with everyone looking their best and eating a great dinner supplied by our parents, sharing our evening with our family and friends. Some great highlights of our evening was not only receiving special awards from our wonderful sponsors but the good fun we had with the donated silent auction items. There was some heavy competitive bidding within our club, on such items as candy baskets to the McKenzie girls designer homemade pies.

On behalf of our club we would like to thank the Millarville Racing and Agricultural Society, for the use of their facility throughout the year. A special thank you goes out to our leaders Suzon Watkins, Susan Jeffery, PJ Thomson, Arlene Visser and Kathleen Arkes for their leadership in our club, and to our parents for all the support you give us in making our 4-H year such a success.

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