Millarville School’s Awesome Students – May 2015

The Kinders have been exploring how the world works, looking at cycles in nature. They watched 25 caterpillars change into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies and also hosted a very engaging assembly. Everyone LOVED talking into the microphone!

The Grade 1s are looking at our 5 senses and how we use them to interact and explore our world. Their experiment with popping popcorn really captivated the senses of everyone upstairs!

The Grade 2s invented and shared their games with the community a couple of weeks ago as they were inquiring into how play affects lifestyles.

The Grade 3s have been investigating how the world works and built some excellent structures and buildings. This year’s work was all the more exciting as the students formed groups to build collaboratively.

The Grade 4s hosted their Mini-Businesses, raising over $300 for the Children’s Hospital when they were exploring how we organize ourselves and how we use the base ten system in our monetary system.

The Grade 5s are in the thick of their research for their Exhibition! They are getting organized to share their learning with us on June 11th.

The Grade 6s will be going camping this week and the weather looks fantastic! We are looking forward to hearing about their overnight excursion.

The Grade 7s have been working hard on their solving equations unit in Math.
Reed, Mayla, Emily, Owen, Brennen, Jessie, Thomas and Karson have been practicing hard to get ready for the Track and Field Divisions this Wednesday, May 27th @ Holy Trinity Academy.

The Grade 8s are writing “awesome” essays that will become the basis of their “awesome” projects that will be shared in late June. We are also looking forward to their “awesome” celebration dinner on June 5th!

More random acts of awesome. . .

Stetson reading his butterfly life cycle book to the Kinders, the Grade 3s, 4s and 5s working to prep the garden space, the Jr. High Guitar group serenading our guests at the Volunteer Tea, the super job by our MCS athletes at our track day, and all the community support (working on the Food Forest)!