Millarville School Principal: Medieval Grade Eights

MCS JoustingJune is here and I keep getting the same question; “are you counting down the days until summer?” Do I look forward to summer? I would be lying if I said “no.” June is a speedy month with departures of students, end of year events, celebrations and final report cards, there is little time to focus on more than enjoying each day and going with the flow.

MCS Grade 8 classLast Friday we celebrated with our Grade 8s in a medieval castle (formerly our gym!) with good food, thanks, and appreciative reflections on the past years at MCS. Our grade 8s are a group to be proud of and we look forward to following their efforts and the stories they will write as they grow up to be global citizens.

This Saturday, three staff members will be challenging themselves in the annual Race to the Market for the yearly opening of a favourite Millarville weekly destination; the Millarville Market! Come celebrate and cheer on our runners and come together as a community to celebrate the opening day!

Glenn Gibson
Be Awesome, Be Better, Be a Team Player