Millarville School News: Wildcat Ice – Hockey Canada Skills Academy

MCS - hockeyWildcat Ice wrapped up its inaugural season on Wednesday, January 28, 2015.

Wildcat Ice is Millarville Community School’s name for our Hockey Canada Skills Academy (HCSA). It is an option that students in Grade 6-8 sign up for to improve their hockey skills.

On Wednesday afternoons these students gathered to participate in on-ice and off-ice activities designed to improve their individual hockey skills. The curriculum is designed by Hockey Canada and taught by FSD teacher Brian Erickson.

Off-ice classes had students working with slide boards, attack triangles, balance boards, parachutes, reaction balls and agility ladders to improve their skills, while on-ice the five main skills – skating, stickhandling, passing, shooting and checking were emphasized.

Up until the end of December our on-ice sessions took place at the Oilfields Arena. Then, when January arrived, we were able to utilize the great outdoor Millarville rink with its incredible setting!

We have 19 students in the program and they have each put forth a super effort in every situation we have put them in during our first year. They are a helpful, friendly and happy group who are a real joy to work with.

A huge thanks to Mr. Gibson who suggested we give the program a try and then did the organizing as the year progressed. As well, to the parents who had to make arrangements to get their child’s equipment to the rink and to the people who make the Millarville rink such a great place to have our ice sessions.

~Brian Erickson