Millarville School News: What’s Happening this Fall

occ_shoeboxChristmas Shoebox Campaign

Millarville School will be participating again this year in the Christmas Shoebox Campaign. Boxes are available in the office for those who would like one and need to be returned by Friday, November 21st. Thanks for your support!

Student Recognition

Students, teachers and parents have begun dropping off nominees for our new “Students of Awesomeness” recognition program. Students who have been caught displaying “awesome acts” will be recognized each publication of the Millarville Messenger with a chance to receive something a little extra (more on this later). Thanks for being  Awesome MCS!

Students of Awesomeness!

The following students have been recognized and should be congratulated at home for exhibiting the following attributes of a successful learner and/or global citizenship.

Levi – for cooperation and empathy

Sage – for appreciation and curiosity

Harley – for empathy

Michael – for appreciation

Karley – for creativity and curiosity

Nolan – for cooperation, creativity and tolerance

Jesse – for confidence

Konrad – for empathy

Naomi – for appreciation, respect, creativity

Maryanne – for respect

Justus – for cooperation, respect and commitment

Jordan – for cooperation, respect and commitment

William – for cooperation, respect and commitment

Jacob – for creativity

Odin – for respect and cooperation

Raven – for cooperation

Gracie – for commitment and cooperation

KadeG – for commitment and cooperation

Wes – for commitment and cooperation

Xana – for empathy

Noah – for appreciation

Jaqueline – for commitment and cooperation

Sydney – for empathy

Olivia B – for integrity

Aidan – for enthusiasm

Emily B – for creativity, commitment and respect

Gracie – for creativity and appreciation

Ashley – for creativity and appreciation

Nolan – for appreciation

Elizabeth – for respect, empathy, integrity

Chase – for cooperation and respect

Tyree – for respect

Christina – for appreciation

Carson – for respect

Fiona – for empathy and tolerance

Phillip – for appreciation

Hanna S – for tolerance and empathy