Millarville School News: Principal’s Holiday Message

MCS small elvesLast Thursday the MCS community came together to double the population of the Hamlet of Millarville for our annual Christmas concert. This year the performance was entitled “It’s Christmas, Carol!” Maddy Peters played the role of Carol, a grumpy workshop manager at the North Pole. Visited by three mysterious ghosts (aka Jacob, Wes and Aidan), they set her future down the right path and help her realize the importance of caring for her fellow elves.
We hope we thanked everyone on the night of the performance; so I will spend this time passing on some praise we have heard from families present for the performance:

MCS Elves“This year’s play was fantastic! The story line was both funny and heartwarming, and it moved along really well. …The songs were well sung, in particular the upper grades – they did a superb job with their singing parts.”

“One of my favourites!”

“Best in years!”

“You and the others did such wonderful work with it! Please pass on our thanks to the rest of the staff involved.”

Glenn Gibson (
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