Millarville School Coach’s Corner – What to do Over Summer Holidays

Here we are in June, and, summer holidays are just around the corner! Teachers are often asked about things their children can do over the long, two-month break. Here are a few activities that will continue to support curiosity, discussion, reading, writing, math, thinking, playing, and learning!

1. Get a large cardboard box and reinvent its purpose so perhaps it becomes a fort, a spaceship, or even a castle. Sears in Okotoks often has large boxes to give away!

2. Help your child make some greeting cards or postcards and then mail them to a loved one. Recycling old cards with bits of ribbon and dried flowers or other garden delights turn these cards
into keepsakes.

3. Make a musical instrument out of recycled materials.

4. Invent a new game – what can you do with an old ball, racquet, and some rope?

5. Set up a pail of water and some paint brushes. Then, let your child “paint” the deck, fence or outside furniture

6. Take a trip to the local farmer’s market and try a new fruit or vegetable.

7. Organize an outside party – make lists, write invitations, bake treats, and play with your friends.

8. Write a story together, taking turns to see where the plot goes.

9. Invent a new kind of pizza. Write out the recipe and share it!

10. Make a music video highlighting the new song you’ve created.

11. Play with water balloons.

12. Have a watermelon seed-spitting contest. See who spits the farthest.

13. Read a book that your parents read when they were your age.

14. Recommend a book to your parents!

15. Join the Summer Reading program at your community library!