Millarville Saddle Sores: Making Homes for Birds


By Club Reporter Clara Blatz 

DSC_0012Over the past few months the Millarville Saddle Sores have been very busy. In December the club had a spectacular Christmas party at the Okotoks bowling alley. Serval games were played and lots of pizza was eaten.
In January the club had their first winter workshop with Andrew Styles. He taught us about the birds in the foothills and helped us to build bluebird houses. Our club will be putting some up at the Millarville Racetrack to help the local bird population. Hopefully they will eat lots of mosquitos and other bugs. We worked very hard building the birdhouses and we have some for sale; if you’d like to purchase a Mountain Bluebird House for $20, please contact

At the Square Butte hall on February 1st the club held their Public Speaking and Presentations day. The senior group of Brooklyn Collard, Sasha Lewis and Morgan Mills had a really interesting presentation about sports medicine and the role of a team’s trainer. They will be moving onto the next level, good luck girls. Juniors Mason Pruitt and Clara Blatz are eligible to move on with their speeches along with Intermediates Kylie Manser ad Nyla Pfob. Our 4 Cleaver Kids did a great job with their speeches and impromptus with the help of their Senior buddies.

So far the club has been having lots of fun and is looking forward to the next big event. Our club has organized a multi-judging workshop to prepare us for multi-judging at 4-H on Parade. We are excited to practice our skills on judging sheep, steers and horses. We have three great judges coming to help us to sharpen our skills on March 7th at the Millarville Racetrack.

We are currently doing a Spolumbos fundraiser, if you are interested in receiving an order form please email the deadline for orders is March 13, 2015.